March 29, 2017


We are a strong company and our main goal is to make you happy and 100% satisfied with our products.
We refuse to be ordinary – but we think, that simplicity is the best.
We design and craft our products with our philosophy. Loving yoga as part of our company policies brings functionality and comfort to each detail of our products.
We hope, that quality can inspire more enthusiasms towards our beloved practice.
Each product is tested to ensure that it doesn’t just look great, but you are safe and happy using it. It means a lot for us! For optimum benefit from your yoga sessions, you need a product that is comfortable enough to let you concentrate on your workout. We made sure that this yoga inversion sling is ergonomically designed to give you the most comfort and let you get the best benefit possible.
Even few short sessions per week on our antigravity yoga swing will give you great health benefits. You will be more in control of your mind, body, and soul, and find the equilibrium that you are seeking.