March 29, 2017

Yoga Swing

Yoga swing was created for reaching health and mind clearness. It is like your home replacement of masseur and chiropractic. This yoga swing develops your back, neck and core muscles, helps to release the pressure and relax not only your body but mind. Hammock crafted from high-quality parachute material. Three-line seams used to guarantee comfort and safety of your yoga practices. It also includes 6 large and thick soft padded handles and 4 stainless steel carabiners. Basically – all to make aerial yoga easy and pleasant for you. This trapeze also resolves possible mount height problems by adding high-load capacity daisy-chain straps in default product set. Aerial Yoga has good effects on insomnia and weight loss. Through yoga asanas and breathing meditation, you are able to eliminate the inner tensions. It helps in reducing back stress, relieve pressure on vertebrae discs and ligament which can be a salvation of pain problems in long term.

STRONG & PRACTICAL: Yoga4You Yoga Swing is made from studio quality superb 210T parachute silk nylon that, together with the triple stitched hammock seat, is strong enough to support up to 600 lbs.

COMFORT: Yoga4You Wide Antigravity Hammock (measures 98″x59″) has a double material layer in the middle part for the best durability and maximum comfort during your aerial yoga inversion exercises. Large and pleasant thick padded foam handles make your yoga swing/trapeze workout even more pleasant.
WIDE INSTALLATION OPTIONS: Due to 2 Extension Straps (50″ each) and additional ropes connected to carabiners, you can install your Yoga Swing using an exposed beam located up to 11ft above the ground. This gives you more flexibility in choosing a perfect spot for your Aerial Inversion Yoga training with Yoga4You Yoga Swing.

GREAT HEALTH BENEFITS: Even a short session a day on our anti-gravity yoga swing will give you great health benefits. Exercising fly yoga with the Yoga4You inversion tool develops your core muscles, helps to keep your back and neck relaxed, and improves your stretching.  You will be more in control of your mind, body, and soul, and find the equilibrium that you are seeking.

• 1 Trapeze Seat (98x59in) made from 210T parachute silk nylon with max load capacity 600 lbs ( including 2 black flat steel carabiners with 2 connected ropes and 6 fixators)
• 2 Inversion Tool Arms. Each of them includes 3 comfortable and soft foam handles, 1 black flat steel carabiner, and 9 fixators
• 2×50’’ Durable Daisy Chains
• 2 Travel bags – 1 for the Hammock, 1 for Daisy Chains
• Pose Chart and E-Book to help you successfully make first steps with Aerial Yoga
Attention! Mounting accessories are NOT included. You need to purchase them separately if required.


Installation hints:

The most common way of installing a Yoga Swing is with the use of an exposed beam, whether made of steel or wood, or even with the use of ceiling hooks. Porches and garages are normally constructed with exposed beams, and their structure affords a yogi enough space to practice the art easily. However, if this is not your reality, having minimum two feet of space in each direction is a good rule of thumb to determine whether your chosen spot is ideal and functional. If you are interested in using ceiling hooks for your installation, it is vital that you ensure that the hooks can carry your current weight easily. This is extremely important, and you may go to your local hardware store and acquire hooks of your carrying capacity.


The Benefits of Using a Yoga Swing:

  • Core and Upper Body Strength
  • Beneficial Inversion
  • Lymphatic Cleansing
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Renewal of the Mind
  • The release of oxytocin, the “Happy” hormone
  • Aids digestion
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Creativity stimulation
  • Memory improvement



It’s easy to carry your 4lbs Yoga Aerial Hammock because of the separate pouch for the swing seat and arms, and the little bag for daisy chains. Share your Aerial Yoga experience with your friends while enjoying nature.



Every purchase you make from Yoga4You gets you a high-quality product that will satisfy you. If, for any reason, you are not happy with our product, just contact us and we will be sure to replace it or give a full refund.